Safety on ROBLOX

Roblox is an the online game which is dubbed by its makers as ‘the largest interactive social platform for play’. The NOS have created a guide to inform parents about the dangers associated with the platform and how they can reduce the associated risks, including, but not limited to; ‘Chatting to Strangers’, ‘Griefing’ and ‘Cyberbullying’, ‘Online Payments’ and ‘Information Sharing’.

Roblox Safety

Safety on Snapchat


Please follow the link for online safety website here.

Screen Addiction

As part of their #WakeUpWednesday campaign and Mental Health Awareness Week, The NOS have created a guide about ‘Screen Addiction’ – an issue which is affecting young people across the globe.

It helps to inform parents about the issues associated with smartphone and screen addiction amongst children and how they can help to control the associated risks and stop their children becoming ‘Screen Zombies’.

Screen addiction

Screen Addiction

See also our section on Keeping Children Safe

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