Our Curriculum is broad, balanced and engaging to empower children to manage life and find meaning in the 21st century. We provide an overarching statement of children’s entitlement to core knowledge in which continuity and progression are built upon. Non-negotiables within the curriculum ensure that the learners’ essential skills are developed alongside National Curriculum requirements. Our aims and principles are steeped in the Cambridge Primary Review Trust (CPRT) ideologies and we are currently one of the working parties working with them. Please visit the Cambridge Primary Review Trust website for further information on their work. As one of the leading schools in the country, we participated in a video that demonstrates some of the ideals of the CPRT.

Special Education Needs

All children with special educational needs have a right to a broad and well-balanced education. This should include as much work as possible under the National Curriculum.

Most children’s needs will be met by the school without a statutory assessment in small groups or individually; depending on their needs. Children with statements receive additional help.

Specialist help is obtained via a termly planning meeting with the school Educational Psychologist. Pupils with special needs receive additional help from outside professionals, once they are on an Education Health Care Plan.

Your knowledge, views and experience as a parent are vital in helping your child to develop. Your child is likely to make most progress if you, the school and the LEA all work together in partnership. You and your child may also get help from a wide range of services, including child health and social services and voluntary organisations.

More Able Pupils

We recognise at Beam County Primary School that some of our pupils are very able, gifted or talented either in or outside school. We provide strategies for developing their needs, so that they have access to a more diverse and challenging curriculum, thus improving the opportunities for all our pupils. We have a good reputation for high quality teaching that includes strategies for developing the needs of more able pupils.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

We strive to ensure that EAL children make good progress and achieve while at Beam County Primary School. Our teachers provide models of good classroom practice; our Intervention Coordinator has provided model lessons for other teachers in Barking and Dagenham.