Tie Assembly – Friday 16th March 2018

On Friday 16th March, we held one of our prestigious tie assemblies. This is a presentation that awards children in Years 5 and 6 with one of our Beam school ties. On this occasion, we handed out 12 ties, a larger number than usual. The children who received their tie and school jumper have worked incredibly hard, showing drive, determination and perseverance.

The children’s parents are invited along to see their child presented with their ties and we had a few standing ovations this time around. It was clear that parents and teachers alike, we are incredibly proud of all of them.

Year 5
Badou Bojang
Chelsea Ibezim
Nathanael Mensah
Danielle Ogbenna
Moyo Taiwo-Akindele

Abubakr Shofolohan

Emmanuel Komolafe

Year 6
Abigail Sowunmi

Jephthah Agaba
Keona Muniu
Calli O’Connor

Gabby Ogbenna


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