Nursery Reading Around The World Workshop for Parents- 3.02.16

On the 3rd February parents were invited into the Nursery to learn about how reading skills are taught at a very early stage and to experience stories in different languages from around the world. The children showed their parents how developing rhyme and recognising familiar signs and labels are the beginning steps of learning how to read. The children sing a range of nursery rhymes daily and are beginning to learn individual letter sounds at the beginning of words such as their name and are learning which words rhyme with one another.

The children enjoyed painting animal masks in order to develop a role in their storytelling, made short stories using pictures, listened to stories in the snug and enjoyed using puppets in order to sing or tell short stories.

The children who had their parents join them were very excited to show their parents all around the nursery and show them how they like to learn.

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Save The Children Den Day- 2.06.15

For the charity Save The Children we learnt how some children from around the world do not have a nice home and compared how different their lives were to our own.

We worked with children from Year 6 in order to plan and build our own dens in the Nursery. We discussed who our shelter would be for, what resources we would need and how we were going to build it. We worked as a team to help each other and to talk about the changes we might need to make in order to improve it.

We then designed signs and Year 6 read a story to us inside our cosy dens. A thoroughly enjoyable learning experience was had by all.

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Stay and Play- 1.05.15

Every first Friday of the month parents are invited to ‘Stay and Play’ in the Nursery. This is an opportunity to learn about the activities and skills your child is currently developing. It also gives children the opportunity to speak in their first language with their parent in a play based environment. The children very much enjoy having mum, dad or grandparents come to play and are always keen to show them their nursery!

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Teddy Bears Picnic- 8.05.15

As we have been reading and re-enacting the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears we decided to invite our own bears to a teddy bears picnic. We wrote invitations, made bread rolls in the oven and chose our favourite filling to spread inside. Our bears enjoyed the picnic and especially enjoyed playing the game, ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’!

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Nursery's visit from the Best Friends Veterinary Nurses- 12.01.15

We were excited about the visit from the Veterinary Nurses in order to find out about their role and responsibilities when looking after animals. Prior to our visit we thought of questions to ask and set up a ‘Vets’ role-play in the Nursery.

Two special visitors also joined us; Nemo the dog and Pebbles the tortoise. Nemo was very well behaved and was able to follow commands in order to demonstrate different tricks. He was able to stand on his hind legs, spin around very fast, lay down and talk (bark) to us!

Pebbles was still a little sleepy after hibernating! We enjoyed touching the animals and were able to describe how they felt. We remembered to wash our hands after stroking them.

We learned how to care for pets and how to be safe around animals we may see in our local environment. We had an enjoyable visit.

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Nursery EAL Reading Workshop- 21.01.15

Parents were invited to join us in the Nursery in order to celebrate the different approaches to learning how to read and to celebrate the languages that children speak in their home environment.o We started the session by singing some of our favourite nursery rhymes and then retold the story ‘Walking Through The Jungle’ by Julie Lancome using a story map to assist us. We were able to make very loud animal noises!

Our mummies and daddies then participated in different activities that help us with the early stages of reading. We designed and painted animal masks in order to reenact the story, listened to stories on the iPads, identified different logos found in our local environment, read bilingual books and heard The Three Little Pigs in Portuguese. We also started to learn the days of the week in French.

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Nursery Progress Coffee Meeting- 17.12.14

Parents were invited with their children to celebrate their learning for their first term in Nursery. Parents enjoyed reading observations and looking at photographs that details the learning taking place through their child’s play and exploration. Parents and Keyworkers discussed with the children their strengths and set targets for Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy and Mathematics which will be reviewed at Easter. Each child has their own ‘Learning Plan’ and parents have a copy of this for home reference. Parents enjoyed ‘playing’ in the nursery with their child, experiencing how play is an important element to their child’s learning and development.

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Beam's Phonic Guidance

For your information, please read our phonics guidance, by pressing on the picture.

Early Years: 1 hour per week Sharing books, progressing to individual reading.20 mins reading and discussion, we would encourage parents to talk with children about current topics from school e.g. mini-beasts, animals, etc.

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