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Important Dates 2018

Dear Parents,

Below are the dates of forthcoming events for your information. (Please note dates may change but we will inform you of these)

Friday 25th May                                 Break up for half term

Monday 4th June                               Return to Nursery

Wednesday 13th June                       Stay and Play (Parents to attend)

Friday 15th June                                NURSERY CLOSED

Thursday 28th June                          Nursery Sports Day (details to follow)

Friday 13th July                                 Nursery party (details to follow) and LAST DAY OF NURSERY

Individual letters will be sent about special events nearer the time.

We hope to see you there!

Mrs Taylor

EYFS Assistant Headteacher

Autumn Term: September - December 2017

The Nursery children have settled in this September by making lots of new friends and learning to follow rules and expectations, exploring all kinds of fun activities inside and outside of the classroom.

IMG_0937 IMG_1555

We have just finished our celebration topic, learning about other cultures, birthdays and the Christmas story. When it was Diwali, we spent some time on the arts table making our very own diya lamps. We made them out of clay and then got to decorate them in our chosen colour and added glitter and gems to make them sparkle. Then we were each given a candle so we could light them at home.

IMG_0949 IMG_0960 IMG_0971

We also had a look at fireworks and we tried to make our own firework patterns using the salad spinner. We had a round piece of card and dropped paint in spots all over the paper and then span the paper so it would make patterns. Things nearly got very messy but it was lots of fun!

IMG_0979 IMG_0982 IMG_0984

We have also started our very own Nursery Bake off with the help of our two volunteers who support us each week, Barbara and Bill.

IMG_0008 IMG_0012 IMG_0928 IMG_1688

This term we have begun exploring making marks using a range of tools and media, learning how to form simple shapes.  We also have a keen interest in the outdoor area, building dens and creating our own assault courses.


Spring Term: January - February 2018

This term we have been looking at dinosaurs.


We have been brushing up on our skills as paleontologists and archaeologists looking for dinosaur bones and pre-historic fossils using lots of different resources. Whilst we were studying and researching dinosaurs, children managed to collect bones, name all kinds of dinosaurs, learning about interesting facts that included whether they were a meat eating carnivore or a plant eating herbivore or both as an omnivore.

IMG_1605 IMG_1614 IMG_1612

The class erupted when we conducted a science experiment simulating a volcano exploding, spewing out lava from using fizzy juice and sweets.

IMG_0014 IMG_0018 IMG_0017

Shortly after this excitement we had a dinosaur hunt within our ecological area. We hatched a plan to create dinosaur eggs from papier-mache and leave a lasting memory of our well-loved topic in the form of a dinosaur footprint modeled out of clay.

IMG_1607 IMG_1594

Spring Term: February-March 2018

Nursery children have been busy with their creative thinking acting out as innovators, architects, engineers, builders, scientists, bakers and making their marks leaving a trail of evidence. We’ve been planning, predicting, describing, explaining and experimenting with our learning and play.


Our home corner had another marvelous makeover to reflect our transport topic in the form of a red London bus, taking our children to wherever their imagination could take them to.

Red Bus IMG_0029 (1)

How do we get from one place to another? We were using all kinds of maps, studying its features bearing in mind the compass rose i.e. North, East, South and West. We are all heading in the right direction with our expert explorers and transport enthusiasts.

We had so much fun with our big red London bus, that we have now changed our bus into a steam train!

Green Train

We are currently looking at buoyancy. This is used for ships and boats so the children have been experimenting with objects that can float or sink and making predictions with what we think will happen. They have been doing very well at predicting the outcomes.

Sink or Float Science (1) Sink or Float Science (2)

World Book Day - Tuesday 6th March 2018

On Thursday 1st March 2018, the world celebrated World Book Day. A chance to dress up as your favorite book or comic character and celebrate with your peers.

Unfortunately, we were closed on the official World Book Day due to hazardous weather. But this did not stop us. We were happy to reschedule and on Tuesday 6th March, the nursery was filled with colour and positivity towards reading.

We had a wonderful day talking about our favorite characters and books and we look forward to see what different characters we see in the future.

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Beam's Phonic Guidance

For your information, please read our phonics guidance, by pressing on the picture.

Early Years: 1 hour per week Sharing books, progressing to individual reading.20 mins reading and discussion, we would encourage parents to talk with children about current topics from school e.g. mini-beasts, animals, etc.

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