Our Staff

We have a comprehensive staffing structure to ensure that staff are deployed in ways which maximise learning and meet the needs of our changing demographic.


The Senior Leadership Team

The Chair of Governors:  Mr. Waker

The Executive Headteacher:  Miss Culyer

The Head of School:  Miss Whittington

Deputy Headteacher:  Mrs. Smalldridge

This team is responsible, alongside members of the Governing Body, for determining the vision and strategic direction of the school and for the policy and procedures which ensure the smooth day to day running of the establishment.  The Soft Federation with The Leys Primary School (Dagenham) has been established since September 2012 and both Governing Bodies have committed to the future of the federation with a review to take place in September 2015.



School Office Staff

Finance Officer/PA to SLT – Mrs. Walters

Parentpay Administrator/Assistant to Finance Officer – Mrs. Gregory

Administrative Officer/PA to SLT – Mrs. Smith

Receptionist/Assistant to Administrative Officer – Mrs. Barrett


Site Supervisor/ICT Support – Mr. Collett

Support Caretaker/Grounds man, internal maintenance – Mr. Knight

Support Caretaker/Gardener, internal maintenance – Mr. Bailey

The Leadership Team

The Executive Headteacher:  Miss Culyer

The Head of School:  Miss Whittington

Deputy Headteacher:  Mrs. Smalldridge

Two Assistant Headteachers: Mrs. Cook and Mr. Anderson

This team works to ensure that high quality learning and teaching results in good standards of attainment and progress.  We also lead the pastoral care and promote the school’s ethos and vision.

The management of the school budget is the responsibility of the Executive Headteacher.  The Head of School and Deputy Headteacher are responsible for the quality of teaching and learning within the team.

The deployment and professional development of Teaching Assistants are monitored by the Phase Group Leaders, SEN coordinator and Assistant Headteachers.

The Middle Management Team

• Inclusion Manager and Child Protection Officer: Mrs. Bond
• The Four Phase Group Leaders:
• Mr. Filer (UKS2)
• Mr. du Toit (LKS2)
• Miss Hartley (Temporary, KS1)
• Miss Mooney (EYFS)
Each phase group leader will be responsible for their key phase. We hope to realise the potential advantages of this way of working. We see these as:-
•The opportunity to work actively on an aspect of learning which is a school priority rather than co-ordinating a subject;
•The chance to lead a number of projects over time adding diversity and variety to the post in hand.

The opportunity to develop and enhance generic leadership and management skills, providing an excellent model of continuous professional development and preparation for the next

Areas of Responsibility/Subject Co-ordinators

•Inclusion – Mrs. Bond and Miss Mooney
•Gifted and Talented – Mr Meckiff
•Behaviour Management – Mr. Filer
•Parental Support Advisor – Mrs. Huskie
•English – Miss Martin, Miss Hartley and Miss McAleese (drama)
•Mathematics – Mr. Anderson
•Science – Mr du Toit; Mr. Endecott (shadowing)
•Religious Education – Mrs. Stagg
•P4C – Mrs. Stagg and Mr du Toit
•ICT – Mrs. Cook and Mr. Filer
•Art – Miss Maisey
•PE – Mr. Hoyte
•Music – Mrs. Navarro
•DT – Mr. Bloomfield
•MFL – Miss. Nursimloo
•History – Miss Marcuccilli
•Geography – Mrs.Taylor
•PHSE – Mr. du Toit; Mr. McKenzie (shadowing)
•EAL – Mrs. McKenzie

Teaching Staff

Nursery: Mrs. Nevarro (AM); Miss. Mooney (PM)

Reception: Mr. McKenzie, Miss. McAleese, Miss. Murray

Year 1: Mrs. Smalldridge and Mrs. Moore; Mrs. McKenzie, Miss. Combs

Year 2:  Mrs. Cook, Miss. Bishop, Miss. Hartley

Year 3: Mr. Wilson, Mr. Meckiff,  Miss. Nursimloo

Year 4: Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Stagg, Mr. du Toit

Year 5: Mr.Bloomfield, Mr. Filer, Mr. Endacott

Year 6: Miss. Marcuccilli,  Miss. Martin

Art: Miss. Maisey and Mr. Coker

Multi-Skills: Mr. Hoyte

Cover Teacher – Mr. Samuels

Tutor/Teacher – Mrs. Addington

Support Staff:

Early Years Practioner – Mrs. Bass

Early Years Practioner –  Miss. Steel

Early Years Practioner –  Mrs. Roomes

Early Years Practioner –  Mrs. McDowell (PT)

Early Years Practioner –  Mrs. Mead (PT)

Early Years Practioner – Miss. O’Leary

Early Years Practioner –  Mrs. Hennessy

Early Years Practioner –  Ms. Holloway

Higher Learning Teaching Assistant – Mrs. Suttle

Higher Learning Teaching Assistant – Mrs. Mason

Higher Learning Teaching Assistant – Mrs. Whitehead

Higher Learning Teaching Assistant – Mrs. Barratt

Speech and Language Assistant – Mrs. Longworth

Speech and Language Assistant – Mrs. Stevens

Teaching Assistant – Mrs.  St.Pier

Teaching Assistant – Mrs.  Hill

Teaching Assistant – Mrs.  McGrath

Teaching Assistant – Mrs.  Dane

Teaching Assistant – Mrs   Stevens

Teaching Assistant –  Mrs.  Russell

Teaching Assistant – Mrs.  Rashid

Teaching Assistant – Mrs.  Khatoon

Teaching Assistant – Miss. Clarke

Special Support Assistant – Mrs. Hirsch

Special Support Assistant –  Mrs. Bowman

Parental Support Advisor –  Mrs. Huskie

Cleaning Staff

Miss Speight

Mrs. Simonovic

Mrs. Letts

Mrs. Souter

Mrs. Kararia

Mrs. Stevens


Catering Staff

Mrs. Williams

Mrs. OConnor

Mrs. Bell

Mrs. Deller

Mid-day Supervisors

Mrs.  Kararia (K)

Mrs.  Ayaz

Miss. Narkaj

Mrs.  McDonald

Mrs.  Seaborne

Mrs.  Smith

Mrs.  O’Connell

Mrs.  Kararia (I)

Miss. Vaughan

Miss. Cariba

Mrs.  Begum

Miss. Claeys

Mrs.  Akram

Miss. Russell

Miss. Dempsey

Mrs.  Stevens

Mrs.  Dane

Mr.   Smith