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Reception PE Kit


All children are required to have a P.E uniform which stays in school and will be sent home at the end of every half term to be washed.
•Black shorts
•Plain white T-shirt
•Plimsolls for PE,
•Bags with the school logo are available for £4.00

Reception Lunchtime

The children have really enjoyed eating lunch at school. They are beginning to become more confident to choose what they would like to eat as there is so much choice! They are learning to use their knife and fork correctly and are beginning to remember to eat their dinner before they eat their dessert!

Children have enjoyed bringing in their packed lunches from home and are beginning to learn about healthy choices.

Please can we remind you that there is to be no chocolate, fizzy drinks or products that contain nuts.

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Starting 'Big School' (September 2017)

The children have now started their full days at school and are enjoying ‘creating their lifelong love of learning‘ here at Beam County Primary School.

The children are displaying good levels of involvement whilst exploring their new classroom and the outdoor area.  They have made new friends, and are adapting well to the new change in their routine.

During the next 6 weeks the children will be observed in their play in order for teachers to plan linked to the children’s interests and in order to develop their next steps in learning.

We will be focussing on helping the children to understand what makes them unique and special.  We will be teaching name writing, drawing portraits and discussing about family life.  Please feel free to send in family photos or photos of the children when they were a baby (ensure you label all photos with your child’s name please).

Please feel free to speak to a member of the team if you have any questions!

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Blunderbus Workshop - Lost and Found

On Wednesday 15th November, Reception and Year 1 had two visitors come to school.
Little Blue Monster Productions presented the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and it was a magical experience.
All children were thoroughly excited to watch as the penguin knocked on the boy’s door and they went off on an adventure to take the penguin the home. But did the penguin really want to be back in the South Pole?
The children experienced what it was like to have a close friend and how important caring for others is.  It was an excellent experience that tied in with Anti-Bullying Week.
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Paramedic Visit - 23rd November

Kaz from the London Ambulance Service visited the Reception classes in order to discuss and demonstrate how being a paramedic is an important job for the community.
We talked about the uniform she wore and explored the protective clothing she also has to wear when dealing with complex emergencies. The children were very excited to have a turn!
They also learnt about the different transport the ambulance service used in order to rescue people quickly.
The children have a good understanding of when it is appropriate to call 999 when they require emergency help.
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Elmer Parade - Friday 25th March

We celebrated Elmer Day by coming to school dressed in our favourite colour. We had been learning about the story by David McKee and decided to celebrate our uniqueness in this special event. We made elephant biscuits, had our face painted and colourful elephant masks. We all joined together to parade around the field dancing and by making as much noise as possible. It was a day to celebrate that each and every one of us is special.


Thorndon Country Park - 4th June 2018

Reception visited Thornton Country Park in Brentwood to meet the park rangers who took us on an adventure through the woods. We completed different challenges linked to the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff; making bridges, building a den for the troll, making troll pie, outdoor art and we even played a game of troll hide and seek! We also spotted some of the characters from The Gruffalo story during our sensory walk through the forest. Why not visit the Country Park as a family and find all the characters from the story. It is an adventous day out for the whole family.

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Family Friday in the Library

We invited family members to attend our library session and it was lovely to see mums, dads, siblings and grandparents come along to share a story. Children enjoyed selecting a book for their family member to read; listening to the text, predicting events and talking about the pictures. Reading to your child daily develops language skills, creative thinking and will support their independent writing. Why not take a visit to your local library to explore the range of exciting texts you could share together.

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Beam County Phonics Guidance

Please press on the picture to read our phonics guidance.

Early Years: 1 hour per week Sharing books, progressing to individual reading.20 mins reading and discussion, we would encourage parents to talk with children about current topics from school e.g. mini-beasts, animals, etc.

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