School Hot Meal

Free School Meals

Very important information – children who are entitled to FSM because of their family circumstances bring an additional £1300 into the school budget. Therefore, if your child is entitled to FSM you still need to apply and register your entitlement, otherwise the school will not receive this additional funding.

Primary parents could be £380 a year better off when they apply, per child. Why fork out if you don’t need to?

See the FSM page link and the translated leaflets to help explain the benefits of free school meals for parents and schools, and of course pupils. Everyone is a winner!

School Menu

We provide hot meals on the premises every day. A selection of halal,organic, meat, fish and vegetarian dishes are available daily. The school tries hard to provide a healthy and balanced menu, including fresh salad, vegetables and fruit. The school has a nationally recognised ‘Healthy School Award’.  To read our Food Policy, please click here.

Juniors                 £2.10 per day is adequate

Infants                  Hot meals are free. Pupils up to the age of seven in England will be entitled to a free hot school lunch.

Please click here to view the school menu.


What's On - Special Event Menu Days

The school will receive extra money from the Government to pay for the children’s meals based on the number of children who take a school dinner on specified days throughout the school year.  We would encourage your child to have a school dinner on these event days as a special menu will be created!  So far this year we have had our  Movie Night and Chinese New Year menus which have both gone down a treat!




On Thursday 1st March, the children are invited to dress up as their favorite story characters for World Book Day. With a choice of special roast dinner or lasagne and even waffles with honey like our favorite bear, Winnie the Pooh. Come and have a hot school dinner from our special event menu.

This year the borough are giving the school with the highest number of school dinners for the day a very special prize of £100 worth of vouchers for books for their school. So it would be wonderful if you joined us on March 1st for a special hot meal.



See below for our special menu events calendar.


food hygiene rating

Beam Primary School was awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (Very Good – the highest) by London Borough of Barking & Dagenham on 2nd May, 2013.

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