We are committed to making sure that all children entitled to a free school meal get one.

  • Primary parents could be £380 a year better off when they apply, per child. Why fork out if you don’t need to?
  • See the FSM page link and the translated leaflets to help explain the benefits of free school meals for parents and schools, and of course pupils. Everyone is a winner!
  • And do not forget that your child/rens school also benefit, with a pupil premium for each child, currently £900.
  • If your child is unable to eat certain foods due to:
    • religious observations. Please note there are Halal and organic options.
    • allergies or intolerance’s.

Could you please inform Adrienne (Catering Supervisor) by writing a letter to advise and hand it in to the office or to your child’s teacher. Thank you.

We are pleased to announce that Adrienne Williams, our chef  was a challenger in the regional finals of the LACA (Lead Association of Catering in Education) School Chef of the Year Competition (SCOTY).  She won Best Dessert for her Chocolate Banana Bread and Butter pudding, a rich moist dessert with the added health benefits of whole meal bread and bananas.

Breakfast Club – we run a breakfast club in the dining hall from 8.05 am until 8.35. Children spend £1.20 for a breakfast.  An assistant/member of staff is in attendance.

Tuck 11:00

To prevent your child from overspending could you please advise your child not to spend no more than £1.00 a day.

Lunchtimes – parents may choose one of the following four options:

1.  School Hot Meal

2.  School Packed Lunch (KS2 only)

3.  Sandwiches From Home

4.  Going Home