At Beam, we ensure that literacy skills are taught throughout all curriculum areas. Throughout the school speaking and listening activities form an essential part of literacy teaching. We are a dialogic school and  are currently one of the working parties working with the Cambridge Primary Review Trust. Please visit the Cambridge Primary Review Trust website for further information on their work. As one of the leading schools in the country, we participated in a video that demonstrates some of the ideals of the CPRT.  Within the Early Years and Key Stage 1 classes, the discrete teaching of phonics follows the Letters and Sounds programme.

Many forms of writing are experienced throughout the school including story writing, instructional writing, persuasive writing, recounts and poetry. The children enjoy regular ‘Big Writing’ sessions where they have the opportunity to demonstrate the literacy skills they have learnt. In Key stage 2 pupils will self-assess their work.  Where applicable the use of technology is used to enhance learning.

Children are immersed into a rich reading environment, exploring a wide range of quality texts to support both word recognition, comprehension and vocabulary development. Comprehension and engagement in books is encouraged through drama, ‘book talk’ and response activities including artwork, story mapping and guided reading.