• Students must come to school in the full and correct uniform. Students arriving in incorrect uniform will be sent home to change; or parents will be contacted to come into the school and change their child into the correct uniform.
  • It is essential that you write your child’s name in ALL their uniform. It is not our responsibility to look after or find uniform that does not have a name in it. We believe in encouraging independence for our pupils, part of which is to look after their uniform.
  • No make-up, acrylic nails or nail varnish is permitted

In the interest of corporate pride and good discipline ALL pupils are expected to wear the following dress-code:


  • Children should not bring valuable or expensive items such as toys, money, mobile phones, etc. into school. The school will not be responsible for loss or damage to such items. The school provides everything children need for learning and playing.
  • Property, including clothing and lunch boxes etc., should be marked clearly with your child’s name and class. There is a lost property box by the office reception. Any unclaimed items will be recycled.
  • ‘Home walkers’ will need permission to bring in a mobile phone, an appointment will need to be made with Miss Whittington.   If your child brings in a phone without permission it will be confiscated and you will be asked to come and collect it.
  • MP3 Players, iPads and Games Consoles are not permitted in school under any circumstances. These items will be confiscated and you will be asked to come and collect them.

Students should NOT bring their own footballs or sports equipment into school. Footballs and sports equipment are provided for use at break and lunch times.


Students must wear plain black school shoes – NO TRAINERS

NB: Pupils are not to wear branded trainers, knee length boots, ‘Ugg’ type boots, canvas shoes, plastic jelly shoes or flip-flops.

Winter Uniform


  • White School shirts are to be worn.
  • If you wish a polo shirt with the school logo is available for £10 at the office

Jumper or Cardigan

  • Red jumpers or cardigans can be worn. Red jumpers or cardigans with the school logo can be purchased from the school office.

Girls’ Uniform

  • Socks – grey or white.
  • Tights – Black, grey or red.  NO patterned tights
  • Skirts must be grey (NOT black) and worn at knee length.


  • School trousers in charcoal grey; not jogging bottoms.
  • Grey , white or black socks are to be worn.

Boys’ Uniform


  • School trousers in charcoal grey; NOT black.  Jogging bottoms are not allowed.
  • Grey or black socks are to be worn.

Summer Uniform - After Easter


  • Summer dresses are red and white checked
  • Flat closed toe sandals – white, or black with white socks.

NB – Red and white check shirts are NOT to be worn with a grey skirt or trousers.


  • Charcoal grey school shorts.
  • Closed brown or black toe sandals.

For Health & Safety reasons closed toe sandals need to be worn.


  • Hair bands are to be black, red, or white.
  • If small beads are to be worn they are to be black, white or red.
  • Head scarves worn for religious reasons – black, white or red. (Fashion scarves or large hair accessories, e.g. large flowers, large beads, fluorescent accessories etc. are not allowed).
  • Weave and hair extensions should be natural colour only
  • Dyed hair is not permitted
  • Boys hair cuts must be professional and business like – no patterns shaved into the hair, no mohicans, or extreme shaved hairstyles etc.
  • In the interests of safety hair longer than the shoulder will need tying back for PE. It is a good idea to keep long hair tied back for all lessons as pupils often perform practical tasks during lessons


  • Earrings are not permitted
  • Students may wear a plain coloured watch
  • Chains and bracelets are not permitted

If you wish to pierce your child’s ears, please do so at the beginning of the six weeks holiday, so that they can be removed for the start of the academic year.

P.E. Lessons

For Health and Safety reasons, children are required to change into separate clothing for P.E. Children who go swimming will need fitted trunks (boys) or a one piece swimming costume (girls), a towel and a swimming hat. Your child must have their P.E Kit for all P.E lessons.

  • Black shorts
  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Plimsolls for PE,
  • bags with the school logo are available for £4.00

Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly labelled.

Outdoor P.E. Lessons

  • Trainers for outdoors – We advise that if your child struggles with shoe laces they should be slip-on or Velcro.
  • Plain Track suit (Navy blue, Black or grey) for outdoor games.

Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly labelled.