The great work carried out by the Digital Leaders has been noticed by the education community from around the world. We are having over 200 international delegates, who will be attending the BETT Education exhibition ( ) in London, come to visit Beam to see how we have embedded technology in to our school life. This is proving to be a great draw, as we are almost fully booked for the 4 days of the exhibition. What is making us stand out from other schools is the importance placed on the Digital Leaders and their roles within our school. This is further demonstrated as the Digital Leaders will be running most of the 2 hours sessions for the delegates. They will be running training sessions, showcasing what we do at Beam, so that the delegates get hands on experience of the impact of the learning and teaching taking place at Beam. This is going to be an amazing opportunity for the Digital Leaders, who will be working  and planning the sessions with Sue Rankins (an Apple Distinguished Educator) to tailor and create the activities for the delegates.

Due to the success of the Maths Challenge Day we will be running another day, aptly named Maths Challenge Day 2 in Spring 1. Learning and engagement during from this was extremely high, indicating great learning was taking place. The feedback from staff and children alike was very positive. So much so, other subject leaders are looking at adapting and having special days, such as a Science Trail Day. Watch this space for more!