Year 1

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Blunderbus Workshop - Lost and Found

On Wednesday 15th November, we had two visitors come to school.
Little Blue Monster Productions presented the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and it was a magical experience.
All children were thoroughly excited to watch as the penguin knocked on the boy’s door and they went off on an adventure to take the penguin the home. But did the penguin really want to be back in the South Pole? The children experienced what it was like to have a close friend and how important caring for others is.  It was an excellent experience that tied in with Anti-Bullying Week.
Year 1 had a fantastic time during the workshop activities. We had to fish in rock pools, carefully and gently pulling out crabs without them pinching our fingers! We went on an adventure out in the big, open ocean searching for the pirate’s lost pet tiger, who by the way, we became very good friends with! We met some interesting characters along the way, including a funny zoo keeper, a smelly fisherman and two wonderful sisters.
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Peacock Class - Our Winter Walk

The Peacocks class went out onto the field on a cold, wintery afternoon. We wrapped up warm and explored our surroundings. We were able to identify a variety of clues which informed us it was indeed the winter season. We saw that some trees had lost all their leaves. We found left over snow on the grass and leaves. We felt the chilly wind hitting our noses and even had to shake off the mud from our shoes. We had lots of fun!


What We Have Been Learning

Science: Best Material for a Boat, an experiment

As part of our science investigation we discussed what materials would be best (and worst) for a boat. We made predictions as to what materials we thought would sink or float and then we carried out an investigation using different materials such as a metal spoon, a fabric sock and a wooden ruler to see if they would sink or float in a bowl of water. We recorded our results and discussed what we had found out.

Mathematics: 3D Shape Play

As part of our shape unit we looked at shapes that are flat and shapes that are sold. We sorted these into 3D and 2D shapes. As our understanding of shape grew, we began to look at the 2D faces on 3D shapes such as square faces on a cube or the circular faces on a cylinder. This provided basis for us to begin sorting shapes with triangular and rectangular faces in a Venn diagram.

We have also been using 2D and 3D shapes to make things. We made an ice-cream made of a cone and hemisphere and a robot made with squares and hexagons.



We have been looking at halving numbers in maths and we have been using physical objects to help us learn. Here we are using sorting figures and blocks to help us see what half of a number would look like.


IMG_5650 IMG_5668













In maths, we looked at time. Telling time can be very difficult so Miss Dogan’s classed used some D&T time to make some clocks. The kids loved making them as they can now use their own creations to help them understand and read time.

IMG_5614 Picture1



In Alligator class, we worked in groups to sort through artefacts. We worked as a team to decide which items were to go into the categories ‘Oldest, Older, Old and New.’ Then we had to decide why they went into the category we had picked and Miss Dogan was very pleased with our arguments.


Years 1:  1.2 hours per week Friday – Spellings and Maths received; tested following Friday.  Maths to be handed in the following FridayDaily – reading (15 mins)Half termly project related to topic work.Positive intervention Targets in reading records

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