Year 2

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Year 2 Jack and The Beanstalk

In Year 2 we have been learning about ‘Traditional Tales’ and particularly enjoyed Jack and the Beanstalk.  We were able to identify key features and specific language associated with fairy tales and were then able to create our own versions by adapting characters and sequences of events. Through the use of role play, the children performed to their peers different scenes from a story and particularly enjoyed reading alternative versions of traditional tales.

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The Polar Bears meet Archiebald

Archiebald the African land snail is one of the animals we have in our school who lives in Mrs Mason’s classroom. The children were able to meet and spend some time with Archie and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They then went on to spend some time thinking about the habitat and environment that Archie would need to live in comfortably.

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Years 2 1.5 hours per week. Monday – Spellings received; tested on Friday.Friday – Mathematics and Literacy, to be handed in for Monday.Daily – reading and discussion (20 mins)

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