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Beam is placed in the TOP 2% of schools for progress!
We have rescheduled World Book Day to Tuesday 6th March 2018.

Beam County Primary School Creating a lifelong love of learning for every child enabling pupils to shine.

Whether you are a parent, pupil, friend or visitor, we hope that our website will prove useful and that you find the information you are looking for.

At Beam County Primary School we provide a secure learning environment based on mutual respect, where learning is enjoyed and all children are valued and supported. We aim to meet the needs of all children through a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum that encourages academic success but also gives opportunity for children to experience a sense of achievement through sport or the creative arts, especially music which is central to the school’s philosophy of developing children’s self-esteem.

Our school Mission Statement, ‘We at Beam County Primary School believe in providing our children with a broad and balanced curriculum to foster the requisite skills to equip them to undertake a programme of lifelong learning, which enables them to be part of and positively contribute to their communities and society,’ embodies the life and work of our school.